what's an EPIRB?

This site is intended to be useful and informative, and has been created by Orolia Ltd, manufacturer of McMurdo EPIRB and PLB products and Kannad Marine EPIRB and PLB products.

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How much does it cost?

A basic EPIRB could cost as little as £375 ($600), one with GPS built-in a bit more. After purchasing there is no extra cost involved, apart from the cost of replacing the battery. Unlike other rescue location products there is no subscription cost for using the tracking system.

Most EPIRBS are fitted with a battery which should last a minimum of 5 years if the unit is unused. Some products such as the Kannad Marine EPIRB with GPS have a user replaceable battery, most however require the unit to be sent back to the supplier or the manufacturer for the battery to be replaced (this will usually add a service charge to the price of the new battery).

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